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State of Writing was founded to help students achieve their goals. In the past years, we have noticed a need for essay writers since student lives got so busy and complicated. This is what our company aims to achieve – give students the best experience and quality with online writers.

We have amassed a great number of skilled and knowledgeable academic writers that can provide best papers possible. Our editorial team pays a lot of attention to their work and corrects it so that it suits our customer's needs.

The key to our success is that we offer fast and reliable service that is available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Our customers come from all around the globe and their needs are always met. What is best about our online academic writing service is that we are flexible – papers could be delivered at any time our customers need them.

Our mission is to provide guidance through the education of every student that works with us, and help them achieve their goals while also having some time to unwind and relax. We have a deep understanding of how difficult it can be at times with a thick schedule and that is what we aim to eliminate.

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Our core values

Professional writing

We value great and professional writers – every writer that works for us has to pass a serious test to be able to write for our customers. The ones we hire have their own academic areas of expertise. We take great pride in knowing that our service is always professional and of great quality.

Quality assurance

Our customer satisfaction is always the first thing on our list of priorities and our customers pay us back by giving us great feedback. While reading our customer reviews, you will be able to see that our customers are always pleased with our service.

Feedback analysis

When we receive the feedback from our customers we read it thoroughly and try to learn from it the best we can. Feedback is very important to us as we get our best ideas while reading it. Bad feedback drives us to be even better and improve our service even more.

Ongoing improvement

Our goal is to continue to improve our service to make it even more appealing and helpful for our customers. No service can remain the same forever, we have to adapt and find new ways to make our customers happy by adding new features and better quality of work.

Customers protection

We know that it might be quite difficult to find a service you can trust your money with. Here at State of Writing we do our best to be that kind of service and guarantee that all your data will be safe and secure. That’s why we do not collect or store your banking information and all the payments are processed by third parties. They are SSL-certified and trusted by people from all around the world.


At the beginning of our cooperation we ask you to provide us with some personal data needed to successfully fulfil and deliver your task. It includes your name, academic level, country, email and phone number to stay in touch in case we have any questions concerning your requirements. All this information has been encrypted and will never be disclosed to any third parties without your consent.