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We are proud to say that our customers are satisfied with their orders and regularly coming back to order more assignments as they progress through education. Here you can read some of the reviews left by the students who have already used our service or leave your review about any experience with us. We believe that customer's feedback is important for improvement of each writer and our company as a whole.

Client id #: 000098

Paper type: Research paper

I have no idea how you managed to do this research paper so quickly and professionally. But the result is magnificent. Well-structured, brilliantly written and with all the elements I asked for. I am already filling out my next order from you.


Client id #: 000149

Paper type: Essay on Philosophy

Professional and experienced writers who know what essay means. Properly formatted, with well-grounded conclusions and suitable citations by respected authors. It is even more than I expected when placed the order. Thank you!


Client id #: 000156

Paper type: Coursework

This isn’t the first time I have ordered from you and you managed to do everything as brilliantly as always. You met all the requirements and my professor was completely satisfied with the final result. Especially he praised me for the proper format and a well-crafted conclusion.


Client id #: 000140

Paper type: Paper on Law

I am thrilled and cannot wait to submit my paper. It is well-written, has a lot of examples to prove the points and it is properly formatted. I am sure my professor will be pleasantly surprised and I will receive “Excellent” this time.


Client id #: 000173

Paper type: Essay

I'm a purely visual person and I was impressed with the clean design and smart positioning of elements on this website. Checking out prices and terms and placing an order took less than 10 minutes and then I received a confirmation call from the call centre worker almost at once. The paper quality is top-notch. I think it's love.


Client id #: 000172

Paper type: Review

The movie review I ordered came just fine, I can't name any critical flaws. Yet, I can't believe no one ever left a hateful comment. Maybe I'm a dork, but you can't make everyone like you! I'll figure out what's the matter. Until then, 4.


Client id #: 000230

Paper type: Rewriting

I don't know how writers here do this, maybe skip bathroom breaks or whatever, but they write fast! I needed an urgent rewrite of the 10-page dissertation proposal and not only I received the revised text right on time, it looked much better than the initial variant from the very first line.


Client id #: 000235

Paper type: Essay

I'm astonished, amazed, excited and just happy! Writing a science essay was never that easy. I just typed in several words, waited a bit and here it is, my brand new essay that took me no pain and is even interesting to read! Wait for all my classmates placing orders;)


Client id #: 000228

Paper type: Term paper

This writing service saves lives. I've been through a pretty dark line in my life which coincided with the hottest time in a student's life and my body malfunctioned. I would get expelled if not for your readiness to go an extra mile to help me. Special thanks to Jennifer from client support, you are the kindest and most patient person I ever contacted.


Client id #: 000174

Paper type: Essay

Haven't anyone ever found the idea of critiquing something an author had probably spent their career studying somewhat intimidating? Well, I do. Did. And I'm glad I had made the right decision when ordered my first essay here. Not only do these guys take the load off your shoulders, but they also offer their work as a sample to learn from!