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We are proud to say that our customers are satisfied with their orders and regularly coming back to order more assignments as they progress through education. Here you can read some of the reviews left by the students who have already used our service or leave your review about any experience with us. We believe that customer's feedback is important for improvement of each writer and our company as a whole.

Client id #: 000205

Paper type: Proofreading

When it comes to course projects, I need something stronger than coffee and support from my family. And that's when I write to State of Writing. Thanks for help with grammar and useful tips. Keep up the good work!


Client id #: 000229

Paper type: Lab report

You managed to please my supervisor on the first try! Whoa, I've been working with him for over a year and never turned in a paper without having to rewrite it at least once, lol I wonder if he thinks something's wrong with me now.


Client id #: 000088

Paper type: Essay

I don’t have that much experience with writing services but I liked State of Writing. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the essay itself turned out to be well-written and full of relevant examples from literary pieces. Thank you!


Client id #: 000153

Paper type: Book report

I am glad there is a writing website that can provide high-quality papers altogether with friendly and quick service. Of course, I should mention that it`s a bit too pricey but it`s worth every cent I paid. I appreciate your help very much.


Client id #: 000084

Paper type: Research proposal

While studying at university I ordered a few essays from different services. This is the first one that really tried to meet all the requirements needed and moreover wrote and delivered everything one day earlier than was promised at the beginning. No doubts I will order from you again!


Client id #: 000226

Paper type: Article

This is the perfect service for those dawdlers who only get a blast of motivation when the tip of a deadline is almost touching their heads. I ordered an article on the benefits of drug testing in schools last night and had it done by this morning. You are the best!


Client id #: 000196

Paper type: Essay

You might think it's childish but I really enjoy watching the progress bar in my orders menu:) It's even possible to call their client support and ask about the order status, all the information about what has been done at the moment will be delivered in a friendly and pleasant tone.


Client id #: 000092

Paper type: Power Point presentation

Power Point presentations seem to be a kind of some black arts to me. I have never managed to make them both interesting and informative that’s why I ordered one from you. And I was completely satisfied with the result! And my professor was too. Million thanks!


Client id #: 000138

Paper type: Essay on History

Before coming here, I searched high and low for services which can write a unique and quality paper for you. You seemed to be the most trustworthy one. And you didn’t let me down. Thanks.


Client id #: 000227

Paper type: Essay

State of Writing is my latest lifehack in terms of faster writing, and the most effective for now. As a future journalist, I have to generate dozens of notes daily covering the same topic and, gosh, it's exhausting! Thank you guys for the extra couple hours of sleep.