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We are proud to say that our customers are satisfied with their orders and regularly coming back to order more assignments as they progress through education. Here you can read some of the reviews left by the students who have already used our service or leave your review about any experience with us. We believe that customer's feedback is important for improvement of each writer and our company as a whole.

Client id #: 000157

Paper type: Essay

Well organised, properly formatted and delivered on time without any even minor mistakes or typos. This is really a service you can count on when the deadline is as strict as your school teacher and you have no inspiration to at least start working. Trust your paper with them and you won't regret!


Client id #: 000105

Paper type: Lab report

I am not very good at writing lab reports in a proper way though in general I enjoy working in the lab. They always seem less sophisticated than needed. What I liked best about the report you delivered is its clear structure and a well-crafted conclusion. Thanks a lot!


Client id #: 000203

Paper type: Case study

What you do if your dreams come into conflict with your parents' expectations? You bolt and riot and try to make them see your point. What you do if all your righteous anger goes in vain and you find yourself in a college of your father's dream pursuing a degree in a subject of your mother's aspirations? You go to a writing service and use their help to juggle things you want to do in life and things you are expected to do in life. And State of Writing is one of the best choices for me.


Client id #: 000164

Paper type: Essay

Guys, you are lifesavers! I had a whole list of plans for the weekend and this essay had come as a shock to me. You must have detected my panic in the order, haha. Thank you for your patience and readiness to help, I turned the piece in without even reading and everything's all right. Hugs.


Client id #: 000162

Paper type: Annotation

The bibliography I received was so good my professor didn't believe I wrote it on my own. I only needed a C! lol Please, consider adding a bullet in the order form asking about the grade one is counting for. This could also reduce the price a bit.


Client id #: 000139

Paper type: Coursework

The quality of my paper was impeccable and convinced me to order more in the future. And thank you for the discount.


Client id #: 000094

Paper type: Term paper

My experience with writing services is really immense and now I can tell at once if you will receive a decent essay or a completely plagiarized text that was put together at the very last moment. State of Writing will never let you down. Always unique, always on time and friendly. Highly recommend!


Client id #: 000143

Paper type: Essay on English Literature

This service possesses a lot of features worth mentioning. It`s affordable, dependable and offers excellent quality. When I ordered my essay I also received a discount for working with them for the first time. They were even able to satisfy quite strict demands of my college professor.


Client id #: 000236

Paper type: Research paper

This year turned out to be a rather tough one for me and I would have certainly failed a couple of tests without your help. This is the service where you know what you pay for. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the final price since I placed several orders at once. Thank you!


Client id #: 000199

Paper type: Copywriting

Thanks for helping me out with this annoying assignment. People who can write the same block of text in different words fifty times, you are saint!