Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between StateOfWriting.com, the Company, and any individual who becomes a Customer of the Company. When an individual becomes a Customer of the Company, s/he agrees to be automatically bound by this Terms and Conditions Agreement. 

  • 1. Clarification of the Terms

    1.1 Agreement alludes to Terms and Conditions.

    1.2 Terms-the Company-refer to StateOfWriting.com, the entity that offers academic writing services to Customers.

    1.3 Terms-the Customer-The Customer is a person or persons who hands in Orders to the Company for deliberation and adheres to the Terms and Conditions in this Agreement.

    1.4 Messaging System is the software that facilitates exchange of information between the Customer and the Writer, or with a member of the Support Team.

    1.5 Order refers to the request for a Product by the Consumer to the Company which includes specific expectations and a predefined set of sources to be used in writing.

    1.6 Product is the outcome of the processed Order which is written and delivered to the Customer as a digital document as per their requirements.

    1.7 Product Revision is a request sent by the Customer to the Company for making amends to the Product in line with the requirements filled in the Order Form.

    1.8 Support Staff is the Company’s structural unit tasked with coordinating and facilitating the Order process.

    1.9 The Writer is a Company’s employee who works as a freelancer and engages in the provision of research and writing services to the Customer as outlined in the Company Agreement.

    1.10 The term – Personal Credit Balance – refers to the Customer's account they keep with the Company that handles Customer’s credits by depositing it to their balance at their own will for compensation of Order(s) at own discretion.

    1.11 The term – Affiliate Program – refers to a special program tailored for existing Customers of the Company.

  • 2. Order Placing and Registration

    2.1 The Customer may place an Order by filling out the Order form on the Website or by seeking assistance from Support Staff in filling the form.

    2.2 The Order Form clarifies the range of work to be done, the details of the Order and the delivery terms. The Customer is obligated to provide accurate, clear and concise information on the Order form or to the Support Staff Agent assisting in filling of the Order form.

    2.3 The Customer is required to submit their name, phone number, email address and country of residence for purposes of profile registration.

    2.4 The Customer is required to maintain one profile when placing all Orders to the Company. The Customer is required to communicate and transact with the Company using one profile. The use of different credentials by the Customer when placing an Order is not allowed. In the event that the Customer has used several accounts, the Company reserves the right to merge them to update the Customer's purchase history.

  • 3. Order Payment

    3.1 The Company’s pricing is used to determine the amount to be paid for a Product. Processing of the Order commences once payment has been made and authorized by the Company.

    3.2 Payments in the form of installments are allowed as long as this set of conditions is complied with:

    -The price of the Order should be £500 or higher

    -The payment cannot be divided into more than four portions

    -The first phase of payment should be effected immediately the Customer receives the first payment link

     3.3 Payment of the Order can be done using Credit Card, Personal Credit Balance and Wire Transfer – which may take up to 3 to 14 business days.

    In the event of transactional failure, the Customer is advised to cross-check the balance on the card, online purchase limitations and validity of the card before contacting the Support Staff for help.

  • 4. Discounts

    4.1 The Company’s policy allows fair access to Promotional and Loyalty Program discounts for every Customer.

    4.2 Orders that exceed £25 are eligible for application of the discount code.

    4.3 Placing the Code in the ‘Discount Code’ field on the Order Form is all it takes for application of the discount code. The discount will not be effected if the code is not submitted in the corresponding section.

    4.4 ‘First-time Discount’ can only be used once by the Customer.

    4.5 The Discount cannot be used together with any other offers and are only used once at a time.

  • 5. Customers Personal Credit Balance

    5.1 A payment mechanism for Customers Within the System – Personal Credit Balance, is created by storing an amount of money to the Customer’s Personal account on the Website for future orders.

    5.2 One Credit is equivalent to £1.

    5.3 Transfer of funds to the Credit Balance can be done with the Customer’s authorization. Funds under this kind of transfer process are non-refundable and may be utilized in future Orders only.

  • 6. Order Process

    6.1 Order validation. The Company reserves the right to re-check the Order details after the payment, to confirm the matching of the requirements indicated while filling out the Order form and any other requirements provided manually by the Customer via any communication channel. Should cases of mismatch occur, the Support Staff will contact the Customer to clarify and finalize the details.

    6.2 Order volume. By the Company Standards, Order volume is measured in words only. 1 page Double-spaced is equal to 275 words, and 1-page Single-spaced is 550 words accordingly.  

    6.3 Change of Order details. The Customer may provide changes to the scope of work by contacting the Support Staff. Changes that influence the volume, urgency or complexity of the Order may require additional payment, which will be discussed with the Customer.

    6.4 Resources. Should a specific source be required for Order completion, the Customer is responsible for providing it to the Writer. The Customer should upload the source(s) before the Writer is assigned in order to assure on-time delivery. If the source is provided late, extra time for Order completion will be required. 

    6.5 Communication. The Customer may contact his/her Writer via the Messaging system, which is available from Customer’s personal profile on the Website. The option is located in the specific Order page, on the top right. The Messaging system is similar to E-mail communication, but is more Secure for Customers to use. The Customer may also contact the Support Staff 24/7 via  Online Chat, E-mail or phone.

    6.6 Progress tracking. The Customer may track the progress of the Order by going to his/her Order page in the personal account. As well, the Customer may get updates from the Writer or the Support Staff by contacting them via the above-mentioned communication channels.

    6.7 Order delivery. The Company is held responsible for the delivery of the Product within the given deadline. If additional time is required due to the complexity of the task, the Support Staff will contact the Customer. The completed order may be downloaded from the Customers personal account on the website. The Customer is held responsible for downloading the product in a timely manner. The Company cannot be held responsible for technical issues from the Customer’s side, which have prevented him/her from downloading the product on time.

  • 7. Order Revision

    7.1 The Customer is entitled to free amendments to his/her Order within a 14-day period after Order delivery. If Revision is required at a later time, the Customer will need to pay additionally, depending on the complexity of the Revision.

    7.2 The Customer can submit a Revision Request with the help of ‘Feedback’ form or “Any Improvements Required?” in the personal account.

    7.3 A free Revision can be provided only if the initial instructions and the instructions for the Revision match. The Company is entitled to ask for additional payment in order to complete the Revision, if the revision instructions contradict the initial Order instructions.

    7.4 The Revision deadline cannot be less than the original deadline indicated in the Order form.

  • 8. The Use of Product

    8.1 The Orders produced by StateOfWriting.com are not intended to be submitted as Customers’ own work. The primary purpose of the Product is to be utilized as a reference or a sample of his/her own work. 

    8.2 The Company strictly abides by all Copyright laws. Any opposing activity is a responsibility of the Customer if he/she breaks the Company's Terms & Conditions. 

  • 9. Affiliate Program

    9.1 Registered Customers have the chance to participate in the Company's Affiliate Program, which entails receiving a Credit for referring friends and acquaintances who then place orders. More information on the Affiliate program can be found in the Customer’s Personal account.  

  • 10. Miscellaneous Provisions

    10.1 All Terms and Conditions that define the rights and obligations of both contract parties, the Customer and the Company, are listed in this Agreement. This document solely, its statements, promises or inducements, are to be considered valid or binding. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, this Agreement supersedes all previous verbal or written communications and/or Agreements between the parties.

    10.2 The Customer accepts that if a certain portion of the Terms and Conditions is in conflict with any state law, it will not affect the rest of the document. The Customer’s rights and obligations will continue to be in force for all other terms of this Agreement.

  • 11. Privacy Policy

    11.1 To ensure the data is protected, the Company processes all transactions through a secure online payment system. All the Billing information, which is filled out by the Customer is not stored, saved or available to the Company in any way. The Company encourages Customers not to share their personal Billing information to anyone within the Company, in order to maintain security and Privacy.

    11.2 The Company never sells or share personal to any third party; it is only used in the following cases:

    • to provide the service according to the Customer’s requirements
    • to respond to any queries, complaints or requests;
    • to customize the content and/or layout of the Service;
    • to notify the Customer about important changes and alterations to the Service.

    If The Customer has an Order in progress, the Support Team will contact him/her by e-mail or phone to ensure Order delivery.

    The Company will not sell, distribute or disclose Customers’ Information without their consent, unless in occasions required or permitted by law, such as complying with a subpoena, or similar legal processes.

    11.3 The Company cannot be held responsible for information available directly to Company’s freelancers. The Company cannot control it or give any guarantees over its future distribution.

    11.4 The Information the Customer provides to the Company is stored on secure servers. The Customer is responsible for keeping his/her login details confidential and not disclosing it to any third parties.

    11.5. Privacy Policy 

    At StateOfWriting.com your privacy and your personal information security is one of our main priorities. We want our clients to fully understand, what information we collect and how we further use it and how we store it. Be assured that we only collect information that is necessary for us to provide you with our products and services

    Personal info we collect includes, but is not limited to:

    • Your Name
    • Your Email Address
    • Your Contact Phone Number(s)
    • Other electronic data that helps us analyze and improve your customer experience with our Website

    Purpose of This Privacy Policy

    Our goal is that you know what personal info we collect, exactly why we collect such data, and how we use it. We also provide you with options to access that data to control and update it when necessary

    Personal Information We Collect

    In order to provide you with quality service and products, we collect the above-mentioned information from you. You provide it to StateOfWriting.com voluntarily; we in no other way can or will retrieve it from you. Information that we collect is needed to match your product requirements, to contact you in case order clarifications are needed and to deliver the final product. You provide this information in the following circumstances:

    • When making your first purchase, you automatically create a personal account with StateOfWriting.com. You will provide your contact information in order to create an account.
    • When placing orders with StateOfWriting.com, you provide very specific details that may reveal personal information (such as year of study, the Subject the product addresses or the name of the course you take). We assure you that this information is used ONLY to match your order requirements.
    • You may request help from the StateOfWriting.com customer support department. In this case, you will provide your email address and phone number so that we may contact you.
    • You may fill out contact forms to sign up for our newsletters or other information /alerts. In this case, you will provide your email address and a cell phone number.
    • If you participate in any of our surveys, contests, or other interactive activities, you may be providing your contact information

    Again, all of this information you provide voluntarily, it may not and will not be retrieved by us in any other way than from you directly, by filling in the respected website/application fields and forms.

    Other Information We Collect

    We indirectly collect some information too.

    • We keep track of all the orders and communication you have with respect to these orders via communication channels the service provides. We record and store the history of our communication in order to provide the quality service and improve your customer experience.
    • We use cookies and some other technologies that will track how you browse our site, pages you visit, how long you stay on each page, and the frequency with which you access our site or pages. We do this so that we can give you a better and more personalized experience. Check our Cookie Policy for more details.
    • We often collect IP addresses, browser types, dates, times of use of our services, preferred language, types of devices used to access our site in order to technically adjust our service content to your needs.
    • You may also provide us with personal information of others who might benefit from our products or services (if you become our Affiliate Program Member). We use this information for purposes of promoting our products/services or for identifying potential new customers.

    This information is stored and used within StateOfWriting.com ONLY, will not be resold or provided to any third party, that is not related to the delivery of the service you purchase

    How We Use the Information We Collect

    We only collect the minimum amount of data we need for purposes of serving you better and we limit our use of it to the following:

    • Data you have given us permission to use for stated purposes
    • Data you have provided that we must use to communicate with you in order to deliver services

    We also store data that we use to update or improve our services to you. When you have purchased products or services, we keep this information and use it to offer additional services that we believe may interest you. As well, we use it for the following:

    • To diagnose any issues with our site, including errors, broken links, security risks, and improvements we can make to our site, app, or pages
    • To identify our clients and protect the company against fraud and abuse

    What We Share

    There are times when your personal information is shared with third parties, and it is important that you know under what circumstances this occurs:

    1. We will share with other partner parties, whose services are integrated with ours (spell checkers, service platforms etc.)

    2. We will share with third parties with whom we have contracted for certain services, to include:

    • Payment processors
    • Those who are contracted to administer surveys, contests, etc.
    • Contractors we may use to deliver emails, surveys, etc.
    • Others with whom we contract for customer relationship functions

    Information that we share is necessary for our partners to perform their functions. They may not share your information with anyone else, other than sub-contractors, and the same terms and conditions apply to them.

    How and Why We Communicate With You

    We will communicate with you regarding services you have purchased. We may also communicate with you about additional services offered by us or third parties if we believe they will be of interest to you. You may withdraw permission at any time, and the process for that is covered later in this policy. In general, these are the methods used to communicate with you:

    • Email
    • Phone Calls
    • Text Messaging
    • Automated emails or texts that are sent out in bulk to our mailing/contact lists

    When you use a service that is not our company and that service allows you to import contacts, you may import our website. In this case, we will use your information only for the purposes of offering products and services according to this privacy policy. You may opt out at any time, by contacting our customer support department and requesting to be removed from our database.

    Our Use of Web Analytics Tools

    We use a variety of analytics tools that are available to us to collect information about how our users/customers interact with our website or app. This information includes how you access our site or app, what pages you visit, and the length of time you spend on each page. Again, this information is aggregated so that we can improve and update our site/app for a better user experience.

    When we use analytics tools, consistent cookies are placed in your browser. This will identify you for each subsequent visit to our site or app. No one may use cookies that one tool has placed. These cookies do not include any of your personal information, and you have several options for opting out of cookies.

    When You Access Third-Part Sites From Our Site

    There are links on our site to third-party sites. Should you choose to access any of them from our site, you must understand and agree that we are not responsible for any content on those sites, nor does our privacy policy remain in effect as soon as you leave our site. As a precaution, we urge you to read that website’s privacy policy before proceeding through the site.

    Your Control of Your Personal Data

    You can access all of your personal data through the account settings on your account page. Here you may update your information or request to delete of any of it. Should request deletion of your personal information in the course of our completing an order from you, the data will remain in force, as long as we need it to complete your order. Once it is no longer required, we will delete it.

    Our Procedures for Storing and Securing Your Data

    We use the latest technologies to securely store your personal information, even using encryption when warranted.

    Further, we keep your personal data as long as necessary to provide the services you have requested. There are other reasons for retaining your information beyond that point.

    • Storing it may be required by law or through a legal contract to which we are a party
    • For preserving a record of your transaction, resolving disputes, or either defending or enforcing our legal rights
    • For managing our financial records

    If you have concerns regarding our retention of your personal data, please contact our customer support department.

    Your Use of ‘Do Not Track’ Notifications

    Some browsers allow you to place a ‘do not track’ notification when you visit a website. Because the meaning of this notification is not clear, you need to understand that we do not alter our policies or procedures when we see these notifications.

    Age Requirements

    We provide products and services to individuals who are at least 18 years of age. The reasons are obvious. We do not obtain or store personal data of minor children. If you believe that an under-age child has access to our site and ordered services, we ask that you notify us immediately.

    When We Make Changes to Our Privacy Policy

    We do have the right to modify or amend this privacy policy at any time. If and when we do make changes, we will post those changes on our website and app and anywhere else we think it would be appropriate to do so. In general, you can expect notifications to be made on our website and through emails to all of our subscribers. Any substantial changes we make will not go into effect until 30 days after posting so that our users/customers have the time to review them and take any action they believe is in their best interests.

    Contacting Us

    We have a customer support department that is open 24 hours a day and available by phone, live chat, or email, as indicated on our site. We will respond as quickly as possible to any question or concerns you may have.

  • 12. Limitation of Liability

    By accepting the above Terms and Conditions of this Agreement the Customer agrees to release and not hold the Company or its employees, shareholders, officers, agents, representatives, directors, affiliates, promotion, subsidiaries, advertising and fulfillment agencies, any third-party providers or sources of information or data and legal advisers (the “Company’s Affiliates”) responsible for any and all losses, rights, damages, claims, and actions of any kind, arising from or related to the products, including but not limited to:

    (a) telephone, electronic, hardware or software, Internet, network, email, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind;

    (b) failed, garbled, incomplete or delayed computer transmissions;

    (c) any condition caused by events beyond the control of the Company, that might cause the product to be corrupted, delayed or disrupted;

    (d) any damages or losses of any sort arising in connection with, or as a result of, utilizing the services;

    (e) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the service.

  • 13. Amendments

    Customers accept that the Company can modify its Terms and Conditions determined by the Agreement; modifications will be posted; however, it is recommended and strongly advised, that they review these pages regularly.

  • 14. Dissertation services

    The Customer should provide a specific end date for his/hers dissertation project in order for the company to process the order correctly. The 'End Date' cannot exceed 8 months from the order placement date.

    If the dissertation project is required to be submitted by Chapters, deadlines should be provided for each Chapter.

    If the dissertation project is required to be submitted by Chapters, they are provided one by one after confirmation of the previous Chapter by the Client. The writer cannot work further on the order without confirmation of his/her work.