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Speech Writing From The Bottom Up

What's So Hard About Speech Writing?

If you’ve ever been asked by someone to write a speech for me and read it at my wedding, then you will already know how hard it can be to write a speech that will hold the audience’s attention and convey your message properly. You will spend hours agonising over making it high quality and then often end up finalising it at the last minute and worrying it’s not good enough.

If the thought of public speaking in London already makes you nervous then the idea of writing it can be enough to send even a PhD student into a cold sweat. Don’t worry. Our UK speech writing service has a team of professional speech writers who are ready and waiting to write you a professional speech now.

Can you Write a Speech for Me for Academic Purposes?

Yes. State of Writing specialises in writing for university students including undergraduate students and master’s degree students. We will make sure your keynote or presentation speech is the best one in the UK this year and completely plagiarism free.

We can write your academic speech on any topic you want it to discuss. It can be inspirational, funny or a combination of the two. It will be written in a style that sounds natural and you will instantly appear both relaxed and comfortable as you deliver the speech and captivate the minds of everyone in the room.

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Client id #: 000215

Paper type: Article

Thank you for the great article on ancient Greek philosophy. I didn't even know it would be such a relief to stop digging into the ancient Greek stuff 4 times per semester. I'm looking forward to the time I'll get a chance to use this knowledge lol


Client id #: 000109

Paper type: Essay

Having been a student for almost for years I am so sick and tired of all these papers so I am glad I have found your service. It always helps me submit everything on time and at least partially reduces my immense workload at college.


Client id #: 000162

Paper type: Annotation

The bibliography I received was so good my professor didn't believe I wrote it on my own. I only needed a C! lol Please, consider adding a bullet in the order form asking about the grade one is counting for. This could also reduce the price a bit.


Client id #: 000124

Paper type: Admission letter

All jokes aside I am showing the letter your admission letter to all my friends and family. Such a splendid job it is. I also liked the everything was prepared very quickly without any hustle and bustle and annoying night calls. Thank you veryyyy much.


Personal statement: Vice President Samaritan's Club

  • Number of pages: 2
  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Subject area: Astronomy
  • Format: MLA

Case study: Trader's Joe

  • Number of pages: 5
  • Academic level: HNC / HND
  • Subject area: Management
  • Format: APA

Dissertation Chapter - Abstract: Receptive Versus Productive Vocabulary

  • Number of pages: 4
  • Academic level: Bachelor's
  • Subject area: English
  • Format: Harvard

Coursework: How Motherhood is Portrayed in James Cameron’s ‘Alien’

  • Number of pages: 7
  • Academic level: HNC / HND
  • Subject area: Literature
  • Format: MLA
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We Deliver Speech Writing Services For Any Event

Can Someone Write My Speech for Money and Make It Fun?

If you’ve been asked to give a best man speech, you will already be feeling the pressure to make it funny. When you say write my speech for me, tell us about the couple’s sense of humour and share a few stories from their lives you would like including.

You can then hire a speech writer who will turn your notes into a fantastic wedding speech full of British humour that will have the whole wedding party engrossed in your words while paying tribute to your best friend, brother or other family member and celebrating the next steps of their life with them.

I Need a Serious Speech. Can I still Pay for a Speech Text from

Of course. We offer legit speech writing help whatever your needs are. We can write a memorial service speech that will be tasteful and moving – just tell us a little bit about the person’s life and the recommended time you want the speech to take to deliver and we will write you a beautiful speech that will capture the essence of the person behind the words.

We also offer speech services in the UK that are political in nature. We can write you a political speech on any United Kingdom political issue or party – just tell us your stance and the message you want to convey when you order the speech on our website. We’ll make reviews of the current information available on your topic and make sure that everything you’re saying in your speech is not only rousing but also accurate.

Can I Find Other Speech Writing Help on Your Website?

Yes. As well as help with writing a speech, we offer paid editing services too. We can take a pre-written speech and make sure it’s perfect in terms of content and also grammatically correct and engaging too.

Our reliable speech writing online team will turn even the most mediocre speech into something that’s guaranteed to bring the house down.


When you want to buy speech text online, there is really only one name that should come to mind – State of Writing. Take the pain out of speech writing and ensure that your speech doesn’t fall on deaf ears and bore your listeners. Knowing that your speech is well written, informative and of the correct tone for your audience can take a lot of the pressure off you on the day and make delivering your speech stress free and easy. There are enough things to stress over in this world – don’t make your speech, something that’s so easy to fix, one of them.

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