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State of Writing is the best essay service in the UK, offering excellent academic writing guidance and papers from experts in their fields. Our UK essay writing service takes great pride in knowing that the writers we hire are professional who will deliver great quality work.

This is a fast and reliable way to improve your grades and get the best out of your education.

Here are some of our best qualities:

  • We are always available to you – no matter when, no matter where you are on the globe, you'll be able to reach us and get your essay written.
  • You could get your paper done in one or two days, or days away – whatever works best for you and your schedule. This is especially good when you are on a tight deadline and your grade depends on the paper.
  • Every paper is customized. We don't just produce the same paper over and over again – our writers, who specialize in your desired area, create them from scratch for you and tailored to your needs.
  • Our work is 100 percent original and proofread. We have an amazing editorial team, which will check every paper for plagiarism, grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • You don't have to believe us for our word – believe our customers and their reviews.

How Our Top Writing Service Works

In the past few years, student life has become much busier than it used to be and there are only so many hours in a day – one student cannot achieve all of the tasks on their schedule. We understand this – we've been there. This is why, for every last minute - or any other kind of paper, we are here to provide you with legit and trustworthy product.

To submit your free inquiry, all you'll need to do is tell us what you need. Here is some information we need:

  • How many words do you need your paper to have?
  • What are your required sources?
  • When do you need the paper to be done?
  • What is your topic?

Once you do this, we'll find a writer that suits your needs – our writers have their own areas of expertise and one of them will most certainly suit you. After our writer is done writing, our editorial team will go through it once more just to check all of the references scan the document for plagiarism and proofread it. You'll receive it once we are done and you'll be able to leave us a review.

Our online essay writing service is available and will provide good papers for all kinds of students – weather you are in high school, college, if you are an undergraduate or working on your PhD or master's degree, our website will be able to help you.

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Client id #: 000109

Paper type: Essay

Having been a student for almost for years I am so sick and tired of all these papers so I am glad I have found your service. It always helps me submit everything on time and at least partially reduces my immense workload at college.


Client id #: 000085

Paper type: Essay on Literature

I just adore reading but I do hate writing all these endless essays on Literature describing characters and analyzing their actions. I am forever grateful that this service can do this for me without any troubles. Love you to the moon and back!


Client id #: 000174

Paper type: Essay

Haven't anyone ever found the idea of critiquing something an author had probably spent their career studying somewhat intimidating? Well, I do. Did. And I'm glad I had made the right decision when ordered my first essay here. Not only do these guys take the load off your shoulders, but they also offer their work as a sample to learn from!


Client id #: 000083

Paper type: Essay on History

StateOfWriting, thank you for your impeccable service and for making me as happy as a clam! Guys who are still looking for a decent writing website, you can stop right now since you have just found what you need - good quality, reasonable prices and friendly support members!


Personal statement: Vice President Samaritan's Club

  • Number of pages: 2
  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Subject area: Astronomy
  • Format: MLA

Dissertation/Thesis proposal: Comprehensive Study on Teacher-Centered Pedagogy in Primary Schools

  • Number of pages: 4
  • Academic level: Bachelor's
  • Subject area: English
  • Format: MLA

Dissertation Chapter - Abstract: Receptive Versus Productive Vocabulary

  • Number of pages: 4
  • Academic level: Bachelor's
  • Subject area: English
  • Format: Harvard

Research Paper: A Comparison of the Iconic Artists Caravaggio and Hieronymus Bosch

  • Number of pages: 5
  • Academic level: HNC / HND
  • Subject area: Literature
  • Format: MLA
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British Essay Service You Were Looking For

What Our Essay Writing Company Can Promise You provides the best custom essay writing services that can guarantee you excellent product and help you improve your life.

Our writers are freelancers from all over the over as well as from London, United Kingdom. All of them are academics, well-educated and knowledgeable people who will provide you with best work possible. You will not have to worry about whether your paper will be done up to a standard, you will know that it will.

Another thing we can guarantee you is that everything that our writers create will be made from scratch and completely plagiarism-free. Our team of professional writers and our hard-working editorial team will also make sure that you get the best, proofread and edited work that will raise your grades.

How Our Essay Writing Service Helps helps students of all ages, no matter what age and degree – our experts can help anyone. All you have to do is submit your request to find your way to the best essay services, not just in United Kingdom, where most of our writers are based, but also in the world.

Our essay writing services are of maximum quality – our academics write papers from scratch every time and our editorial team checks them for mistakes or plagiarism to make sure that it is perfect for you. We also make sure to take all your formatting wishes into consideration and the citation and referencing is something you decide upon too.

If you have any specific way of adding citations and references to the essay, our writers will do as you have requested but in case that you are not sure how to do this, they will add the citations and references based on what is recommended for your level of education.

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No matter what you need: anything from urgent, cheap, school or high-class university writing service – we are here for you.

Studying is hard and it is getting harder with every new test or project coming your way – this is true no matter what level of education you are on currently. Essays can get pretty complicated too, with a tricky topics it could take hours and days of your already reserved time. This is why our essay writing service is here for you. We provide high-quality work from expert authors, formatted to your desire.

Our writing services include essays, research papers, dissertation or thesis, admissions and any other work required by students on all levels of education. Our experts will adapt your academic paper to what you need and give you an excellent custom writing service experience.

Our Writing Quality Measures

What we offer is high-quality essay writing services to your requests, but you may wonder how we measure and maintain this quality.

State of Writing hires great authors, and this is the most important thing – our writers are all educated academics who have many interests and a lot of knowledge in various fields. We screen them thoroughly before hiring them just to make sure that their skills are up to our standard.

Once they are done with the essay writing, we check the paper that they wrote to assess if it is written in a way that could improve our customer's grade. What we check for are: grammar and spelling mistakes, the way our writer added citations and if all of the facts are true and properly listed. Only after that check the paper is available to you.

What we strive to do is create more successful students by creating quality of product and service.

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While ordering your essay from us and paying for it you can be positive that all these processes are completely safe and secure. We do not collect or store any financial or banking data from our customers. Instead, all the payments are processed by third-party online payments systems. They are SSL-certified and trusted by customers around the world.

Data safety

In order to guarantee that you get the best service possible we need to collect and store some of your personal information. This includes your name, email and phone number. All this data is needed solely to contact you concerning your orders or in case of emergency. Your personal information is encrypted and will never be shared with any third parties without your consent.