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If you are studying in the United Kingdom, and feel like you’ve reached the point where you just want to be able to say to someone “write my essay for me” then you’ve come to the right place. Our professional website offers a full service for any UK student who needs help with college essays.

Below you will find everything you need to know about what happens when we hear “I need a professional writer to handle this”.

Once you’ve decided that you’re happy to pay for this kind of work, the rest is easy.

Our cheap, good value for money writing service will ensure that you are delivered an academic essay with no plagiarism and full marks guaranteed.

Subjects on Which Your UK Writers Can Do My Essay for Me

StateOfWriting has abundant experience with all academic disciplines. This is not an exaggeration; our top rated writers represent different spheres, and they are masters of their subjects. If you’re interested in a UK essay writing service or editing help, you’ll find both on our platform. If you want an essay on nursing, maths, or sociology, we’ll instantly write it.

Our experts can handle simple projects like discussion papers, research essays, narrations, and more intricate orders like theses, memos, or applications. Sometimes, students ask us to come up with a good topic for them, and we do it gladly. We also specialise in all formatting styles, from UK Harvard to MLA.

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Meet our Professional Team

Aaron Henderson photo
Aaron Henderson
Head of Quality Assurance
7 years of experience
As Head of Quality Assurance, Aaron works with the editing team here to make sure only the best writing is sent to you as the customer. He has years of experience in editing academic work, so he knows what the top universities are looking for. He sets the quality standards here, so you're going to get the best work guaranteed.
Abbie Kay photo
Abbie Kay
TOP 10 Writer
5 years of experience
Abbie is a Top 10 writer, meaning that she is one of the most advanced writers on our staff. She can tackle the most difficult assignments, thanks to her experience in writing for students around the world. You'll see that she's one of our most sought-after writers, and she always creates the best, most thought provoking essays around.
Harley Wade photo
Harley Wade
3 years of experience
Harley holds an undergraduate degree in engineering, and has used that experience to create a huge variety of assignments for our customers. He currently has over 200 assignments on record, and also writes articles for several publications on his specialist subject. He got into assignment writing as he understands the struggle today's students have with getting writing work completed.
Alice O'Donnell photo
Alice O'Donnell
Senior Editor
6 years of experience
Alice has been working as an editor for over four years, having worked with several online publications and with students. In her academic work, she knows what makes an essay really shine. As a Senior Editor here, she works with dissertations and other highly important orders, so she's the person to trust with your grades.
Denise Heller photo
Denise Heller
Head of Support
5 years of experience
Denise is our Head of Support, so she's in charge of ensuring you get the best experience with us. She oversees the team that you'll communicate with when you have any queries, over chat, phone and email. With her years of experience in customer service, she works to ensure that all customers get the same top notch service.
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What We Promise

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Only high quality essay writing

Our essay writers bring total academic excellence to our clients. We maintain the highest academic standards in our work; we stay clear of anything AI-related and rely on unparalleled human expertise. That's what makes us the best service.

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Generous refund policy

Our service comes with a quality and no plagiarism guarantee. If something is wrong and you are unhappy with the level of our academic writing, use the refund policy and ask us to return your money.

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Timely delivery of all orders

Say, "Help me write my essay by my deadline" and we'll fulfil your request without questions. Our experienced writers will deliver a high quality essay to you even if you give them just three hours to write it.

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Plagiarism free content

We use plagiarism detection software to ensure our clients receive 100% unique essays. All our experts know about it, so they'll never risk undermining their academic performance by providing anything but original works.

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Client id #: 000087

Paper type: Essay on Art History

I am grateful for your professional writers who try to meet all the requirements needed and carefully look through the details you provide them with.


Client id #: 000088

Paper type: Essay

I don’t have that much experience with writing services but I liked State of Writing. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the essay itself turned out to be well-written and full of relevant examples from literary pieces. Thank you!


Client id #: 000173

Paper type: Essay

I'm a purely visual person and I was impressed with the clean design and smart positioning of elements on this website. Checking out prices and terms and placing an order took less than 10 minutes and then I received a confirmation call from the call centre worker almost at once. The paper quality is top-notch. I think it's love.


Client id #: 000240

Paper type: Essay

Very reasonable price and, considering the care they put into their work, I would even say cheap. Perfect for big orders. Special thanks to my writer who is the most meticulous person in the world.


Personal statement: Vice President Samaritan's Club

  • Number of pages: 2
  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Subject area: Astronomy
  • Format: MLA

Dissertation/Thesis proposal: Comprehensive Study on Teacher-Centered Pedagogy in Primary Schools

  • Number of pages: 4
  • Academic level: Bachelor's
  • Subject area: English
  • Format: MLA

Dissertation Chapter - Abstract: Receptive Versus Productive Vocabulary

  • Number of pages: 4
  • Academic level: Bachelor's
  • Subject area: English
  • Format: Harvard

Research Paper: A Comparison of the Iconic Artists Caravaggio and Hieronymus Bosch

  • Number of pages: 5
  • Academic level: HNC / HND
  • Subject area: Literature
  • Format: MLA
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Easy Way to Write My Essays Urgently

Will My Professor Know I Didn’t Write an Essay Myself?

In all seriousness, your professor won’t know it. Our skilled writers can match their writing style to yours so that it reads just as if you wrote it yourself. And because all of our essay writers are British natives, there will be no awkward phrasing or stiff language like you will often find in the work of some other online writing services that use writers who aren’t native English speakers.

  • We will never send you an essay that’s available anywhere online or has been used before, nor will we use your order in the future either as promotional material or to sell to another student. The final work will pass any plagiarism checker your professor might use.
  • We take your confidentiality seriously and our website uses up to date encryption software to keep all of your details safe and secure. We don’t pass any of your details on to any third parties, nor do we sell your details. No one will ever know that you’re even registered at our site, let alone that you have ordered work from us.
  • We understand what is at stake if your place of education was to find out that the work you are handing in is not your own work, and we will endeavour to make sure that never happens. In all of our time operating our custom writing service, this has never happened to any student.

It really is a no brainer that next time you think “I’m really struggling to write my academic papers well” you contact State of Writing!

What Happens Once I Asked to Write Essay For Me?

Here’s the good news – once you’ve placed your order, you can just sit back, relax and wait for it to be delivered.

  1. Once your writer has your order, they will research your topic, write your essay, cite all of their sources both in the text and in a bibliography, edit and proofread it. Without you having to do a thing.
  2. Once your essay is completed, it will be sent to you within the time framed you’ve requested – our writers pride themselves on never missing a deadline. You then simply check it over and approve it.
  3. Once it’s approved, download it to your computer and it’s ready to go. There will be no watermarks or anything on the pages, just your essay in all of its fine, academic glory.

Helpful tip: Event you’re unhappy with any part of the completed order, simply make a note of what you would like to be changed and send it back to your writer to action your requests. This won’t cost you any extra.

You can check out our customer reviews at any time where you will see statements made by thousands of students who we have helped sharing details with you of how we met the deadline they gave us, sent them a killer essay and of course, charged them exactly what we told them the work would cost.

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Available Write My Essay Help from Experts

Who Will Do My Essay?

Once you have ordered your essay, you will be able to look through our team of writers and choose your ideal writer. Alternatively, we can pair you up with the most recommended writer for you project.

  • All of our writers are academically qualified with many of them holding a PhD or master’s degree qualification. It’s pretty cool to think that you could have someone with a doctorate writing your undergraduate paper right?
  • You will be able to communicate with your writer at all times through the process by using our online messaging service. There you can send them any extra information about your paper and any particular points that you would like to include.
  • All of the research for your paper is included in the price you have paid, so don’t feel like you have to do this – it’s just if you know your professor has a particular fondness for certain themes, we can accommodate this for you and help you to further wow your professor.

That’s one of the main things our returning customers always comment on – the fact that with us, there is no risk of being given a poorly written, example essay that a professor will spot a mile off. Instead, we pride ourselves on custom writing – meaning you get an essay that is totally tailored to you and your writing style.

Is It Expensive for UK Writers to Write My Essay Online?

Our plagiarism free service has pretty low rates. The cheapest essay UK costs £10.49/page. If you wish to know your specific price, give us all the details, such as when you need timely delivery and what academic level you prefer, and you’ll see it automatically.

💡Useful advice: If you have a few weeks before the essay is due, order it as soon as you can because the longer you can give us to write it, the lower your price will be.

If You Do My Essay, Can I Count on UK Discounts?

Yes, StateOfWriting offers amazing discounts. We provide an affordable essay writing service as it is, but we can knock 20% off for new customers. Loyal clients who choose us because of our extensive research, perfect grammar, and reliable refund policy accumulate discounts depending on how many pages they order. 100+ pages get them 15% off permanently. Subscribe to our mailing list to know more!

You are still thinking "What will I get if you write my paper?" We’ll help you reach academic success with minimal effort! Contact our operators with the words, “Write my essay for me”, and leave your instructions. Your excellent grade is closer than you think!

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FAQ about Our Website that Writes Essays for You

  • Why look into online write my essay services?

    Are you looking for an essay writer that can handle your assignments for you? As a student in the UK, you've got a lot going on and you can't handle your essays on top of everything else. If so, you're in the right place. Here's what we can do to make your university life easier for you. 

    Have you got here because you were searching 'help me write an essay'? You may feel as though you're struggling with your work, and you need some support. There are lots of reasons why you may need help, including: 

    • You're struggling with the topic of the paper, you don't know where to start, or you just don't feel confident writing it
    • You have other commitments, such as work or family, and you just don't have time to write a paper too
    • The deadline is coming up soon and you can't dedicate yourself to an all nighter to try and get it done
    • You want to get a good grade on your paper, and you're not sure you'll be able to get it with your own writing 

    These are just a few reasons why you'd look into getting help with your paper. There are so many reasons why you'll need some assistance with writing an original assignment. Whatever the reason, we're here to help you out.

  • How can we help you write an essay?

    What kind of help can we give you as a student? We give you the very best quality essays in the United Kingdom. For those looking for help with 'writing my essay', we have you covered. Whether you've already done part of it, or you need help getting the assignment off the ground, we're here to get it done. 

    Our online team will take your order, and talk with you to understand just what you need. Then, we match you up with a writer that matches your needs when it comes to the topic and subject at hand. They'll get to work on your order, keeping you updated on the way. Once it's done, it's proofread and edited and sent to you for review. Once you're happy with it, the essay is yours to do with as you wish. It really is as easy as that.

  • If I buy essay writing in UK, how do I know I’ll be safe?

    Nothing prevents students from hiring tutors — it’s legal in the UK. But if you’re worried, know we’ll never share your personal information.

  • Who are the writers doing your essays?

    We can promise you we have the best writers in the UK ready and waiting to write for you. We've worked hard to find the best writers in the country, who understand your needs and can craft quality papers. They're experts in a wide range of subjects, so whatever you need, they can write it for you.

    This is good news for you, as you can be sure that the writer assigned to you really knows their subject inside and out, and will be able to create the very best work for you.

  • Are there any guarantees?

    As an academic writing service, we take our work very seriously. We want you to feel comfortable buying from us, so we have several promises that we make to you:

    Privacy: We understand that you don't want others to know that you've ordered your writing work. We never share your data with others, and use security measures on the site to ensure your data isn't leaked to others too. Once the essay is done, it's yours to use. 

    Originality: You may be worried about buying a paper, only to find it was originally written for someone else. Not to worry here, as every paper is created from scratch just for you. As such, you can be confident that you can use your essay, and it'll pass any plagiarism check. 

    Satisfaction guarantee: We want you to be happy with the work that you order. As such, whenever you order, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with the work you've bought, you can get a refund on the order.

  • How long will it take you to write me an essay?

    Just like every student has different needs when they ask to type their essays, we have solutions to all of those needs. We can have your paper to you in just six hours if the need arises, or we can send it on a date to suit you.

  • How do I know the final price of the "Write my essay" service?

    Simply tell us:

    • How many words or pages do you need
    • Your academic level, e.g. high school, college or university
    • Topic of your paper
    • Due date
    • The style of references

    Once you have given us this information, your fast and friendly service will give you a quote for the work. The quote will cover everything you need to pay with no hidden extras.

  • What makes you the best service to write me a essay in Britain?

    Several factors earned us our customers’ deepest appreciation. We have experienced writers known for their high quality writing; our prices are affordable, and our policies centre on your interests.

  • Can I ask my essay writers to revise my paper several times?

    All our experts must achieve total customer satisfaction with their academic writing. If you feel disappointed, request as many free revisions as you want.

  • Is it possible to learn how my essay request is doing?

    Yes. If you ordered admission essay writing help from a writer, contact them directly. Ask, “You are writing my essay — will it be ready soon?” and discuss the specifics.

  • I completed my paper independently, but can I use your editing services?

    Our editors will be honoured to provide you with their professional assistance. You can also order proofreading to fish out any grammar mistakes.

Customers protection

Ensuring payment safety

It's safe to pay for our academic writing. Do it with your credit card, Visa, MasterCard, etc. Contact support and tell them, "I'd like to pay someone to write my essay", if you have additional safety questions.

Delivering anonymity

When students say, "Can your UK company write my essay for me cheap?", they worry about their safety. But you have no reason for concern! Your privacy is well-protected: no person will learn anything you tell us.