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Aaron Henderson photo
Aaron Henderson
Head of Quality Assurance
5 years of experience
As Head off Quality Assurance, Aaron works with the editing team here to make sure only the best writing is sent to you as the customer. He has years of experience in editing academic work, so he knows what the top universities are looking for. He sets the quality standards here, so you're going to get the best work guaranteed.
Abbie Kay photo
Abbie Kay
TOP 10 Writer
3 years of experience
Abbie is a Top 10 writer, meaning that she is one of the most advanced writers on our staff. She can tackle the most difficult assignments, thanks to her experience in writing for students around the world. You'll see that she's one of our most sought-after writers, and she always creates the best, most thought provoking essays around.
Harley Wade photo
Harley Wade
1.5 years of experience
Harley holds an undergraduate degree in engineering, and has used that experience to create a huge variety of assignments for our customers. He currently has over 200 assignments on record, and also writes articles for several publications on his specialist subject. He got into assignment writing as he understands the struggle today's students have with getting writing work completed.
Alice O'Donnell photo
Alice O'Donnell
Senior Editor
4 years of experience
Alice has been working as an editor for over four years, having worked with several online publications and with students. In her academic work, she knows what makes an essay really shine. As a Senior Editor here, she works with dissertations and other highly important orders, so she's the person to trust with your grades.
Denise Heller photo
Denise Heller
Head of Support
3 years of experience
Denise is our Head of Support, so he's in charge of ensuring you get the best experience with us. He oversees the team that you'll communicate with when you have any queries, over chat, phone and email. With his years of experience in customer service, he works to ensure that all customers get the same top notch service.
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Essay Writers That Have Your Back

Fast and Reliable Online Essay Writers

If you’re looking for your choice of quick essay writers to complete your coursework or your PhD thesis, we can help you. Our professionals are qualified to at least a master’s degree level and they are each an expert on their subject. This means that they can do quality research quickly.

And because they understand how the British education system works, they know exactly what to include and what not to include to get you into those elusive top marks brackets.

This means you can get a professional standard essay that’s well researched, well written paper in a matter of hours. So no matter how close your deadline, get in touch.

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British Essay Writers Are Native English Speakers

One of the main mistakes students make when they look for a paid writing service online is assuming that all of them are created equal. They’re not. You will find many an essay writing service that advertise cheap writers.

The essays from these services are cheap for a reason – their writers aren’t native to the UK and they speak English as a second language. This doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent people that are well qualified to write an undergraduate paper, but it does mean that they don’t know the United Kingdom education system like a native Brit. It also means that sometimes their grammar and phrasing is stiff and in some cases, they use the wrong words for the context they’re using them in. Your professor will easily spot that the paper wasn’t written by you.

We employ only the best writers and when you order, you know for sure that you get a UK essay writer you need.

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Client id #: 000111

Paper type: Essay

Thanks to you I submitted my essay on time. My professor is very strict and god knows what could have happened but for your service. You did a wonderful job while writing my essay and found a loyal customer for your company.


Client id #: 000088

Paper type: Essay

I don’t have that much experience with writing services but I liked State of Writing. Everyone was friendly and helpful, the essay itself turned out to be well-written and full of relevant examples from literary pieces. Thank you!


Client id #: 000204

Paper type: Essay

I lack words to describe my fascination with this service! Finally, I found the place where I only have to say A and get B and C without even asking. I give a writer the topic and in a couple of sentences describe how I see the main point - and let them bring out their talent. Works perfectly with State of Writing!


Client id #: 000164

Paper type: Essay

Guys, you are lifesavers! I had a whole list of plans for the weekend and this essay had come as a shock to me. You must have detected my panic in the order, haha. Thank you for your patience and readiness to help, I turned the piece in without even reading and everything's all right. Hugs.


Personal statement: Vice President Samaritan's Club

  • Number of pages: 2
  • Academic level: Undergraduate
  • Subject area: Astronomy
  • Format: MLA

Dissertation/Thesis proposal: Comprehensive Study on Teacher-Centered Pedagogy in Primary Schools

  • Number of pages: 4
  • Academic level: Bachelor's
  • Subject area: English
  • Format: MLA

Dissertation Chapter - Abstract: Receptive Versus Productive Vocabulary

  • Number of pages: 4
  • Academic level: Bachelor's
  • Subject area: English
  • Format: Harvard

Research Paper: A Comparison of the Iconic Artists Caravaggio and Hieronymus Bosch

  • Number of pages: 5
  • Academic level: HNC / HND
  • Subject area: Literature
  • Format: MLA
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Professional Essay Writer Whom You Can Trust

Verified and Trained Academic Essay Writers

Some students choose to go down the route of hiring a freelance writer to complete their essay for them. This is great assuming you have the time and resources to check they really are qualified to a high enough level to write your paper to the right standard.

You then have to check their samples and have them create a small task to make sure the sample is really written by them. Then you will need to check their references to make sure they are reliable.

Or at least that’s what we do before we get a writer on board with us. Even if they come highly recommended, we still have them complete a testing process to ensure their writing standards are as high as our clients’ expectations. We make several reviews of their work, which is checked for:

  • The accuracy of the research
  • The flow and structure
  • The readability
  • The technical knowledge demonstrated
  • The citations used and the bibliography (you won’t encounter any accidental plagiarism with our essays)
  • The quality of the writing – is the language sophisticated enough for the academic level?
  • The accuracy of the spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Only once we are satisfied with all of those areas do our writers move onto the training stage, where they learn everything they need to know about the marking schemes and curriculum in place in UK institutions.

Constantly Improving UK Essay Writers

Our vigilance and training doesn’t end when a writer is employed by us. Our writers’ work is regularly checked to ensure that their standards remain in line with ours and yours. We look at customer feedback to ensure that they are satisfied with the work they have received.

We also ensure our writers are kept updated with any changes to the curriculum and marking criteria across the education board.

You just won’t get that level of detail with a private writer – and there is no guarantee from them that what you receive is tailored to you. That’s why you should choose us for a custom essay writer – where your paper is written to your exact specifications.

So whether you are in secondary school, college or university, our team can help you with writing on any topic and any subject.

Whether you’re studying in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, Liverpool or anywhere within the UK, we can help you ensure your essay meets your grade requirements and is delivered on time.

Contact us today via out live chat or over the telephone for a free quote and more information on how we can help you to succeed – even when you don’t have the time to dedicate to researching, writing, editing and proofreading an essay to the standard you know you are capable of.

Sit back, relax and let State of Writing’s expert writers do the hard work for you.

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